What we do

Design and development of computer game software and virtual reality software.
Games and online worlds have great potential in shaping how people behave, both positively, and negatively. We are designing and developing software that will allow us to create virtual societies that enable citizens of our virtual worlds to discover themselves. We believe that friendships, positive experiences, and behaviors that are built in VR, will spill over to reality, allowing users to become more fulfilled, happy, and confident individuals. Our vision is to create connected virtual worlds that empower people to be their best, most authentic selves.

The day Ramen VR was born, on a ski trip!

Who we are

Lauren and Andy met through the Oculus Launch Pad program in 2017. They worked together on Conjure Strike, a multiplayer VR FPS/MOBA, which launched in the fall of 2018. By the time 2019 rolled around, they were hooked on VR experiences and decided to go into business.

Why the name "ramen"?

Ramen is warm, comforting, more fun with friends, and an all-around great experience. Just like our products... *wink*


This is it. Our latest and greatest, hopes and dreams, pride and joy, etc.